What do bees do during the chilly weeks?

One of my preferred things to do is to find hidden gem locales in the neighborhood that I live in plus visit them, but i have found some great diners as well as little artisan shops plus art galleries.

I love supporting these small suppliers because they are the tploy backbone of our communities, then well in my quest to find my next adventure, I stumbled upon a nature preserve plus creature rescue that was 10 hours away from my apartment that I had not heard about. I instantly headed out to this nature preserve plus when I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the entire operation! Not only did this nature preserve rescue creatures but it also had a honey farm on the premises, but this meant that there were tons of jars of honey for sale as well. The kind lady from the office took the time to explain everything about the honey farm after I mentioned that she had a lot of honey for sale, but she explained that they had just harvested their honey for the Summer. She went on to say that they only harvest honey twice per year, however once in the Summer plus the other in the Fall. I had never thought about it, but that would explain why I could never find a lot of raw honey during the Wintertide weeks. Not only is the honey not harvested in the colder weeks, but the bees remain in their hives during that time of year. They form clusters to stay warm during the Wintertide weeks plus when the Springtime comes around, they are back out continuing the pollination cycle. The nature preserve is doing great work plus I purchased 3 bottles of honey because I wanted to have excess for when the Wintertide arrived.


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