My university roommate is a trainer

He told myself and others that he just started working at that fitness center as a personal trainer

I saw our university roommate for the first time in years the other day when I walked into a huge fitness center nearby to inquire about their membership fees. Travis and I got along immediately as every one of us both bonded over music, movies, and televisions shows that every one of us mutually enjoyed. All of us went to university parties with each other and even took a few classes together over the years. However, every one of us fell out of touch after every one of us graduated from our university. While every one of us both always had each other’s numbers, every one of us drifted apart and I went over 15 years without seeing him, hearing from him, or hearing anything about him from mutual friends. Every once in a while I would stop and assume about Travis and the fun every one of us had as university roommates, however then I always forget to make the effort to supply him a call. That all ended when I walked into the huge fitness center to ask about their membership fees. I thought I saw a common face next to a stack of free weights, so I walked over and asked our ancient neighbor how he has been in the years since university graduation. He told myself and others that he just started working at that fitness center as a personal trainer. Despite getting a degree in literature, Travis said that he got certifications and licenses to be a certified personal trainer, something he wanted to do years before going to university blatantly. I decided to get a gym membership at that particular fitness center so I had an excuse to see our ancient neighbor frequently and catch up with him whenever he’s on a short cut from his work commitments at the gym.

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