The general business thought she was going to make some extra money.

After our condo fire, both of us had to hire a general business to rebuild our home, when deciding how both of us wanted the house, both of us knew there were some items both of us wanted and weren’t sure if they would get them, but all of us bought the ceiling fans both of us wanted for each room and took them to the house.

All of us bought the living room lodgeets and the marble countertops.

Along with this, both of us purchased the central air conditioning equipment that wasn’t previously in the house. After they completed the rebuild of the house, the general business sent a receipt for the cost of rebuild, and she detailed every item and their prices, to the insurance business, and the insurance corporation mailed us a copy of that receipt, not knowing both of us had 1 that was completely different. The general business was asking for payment for the cupboards, stone countertops, building of a current room, and a central air conditioning room! I called the insurance corporation and told them there were a few add-ons that should not be there. The room they were charging for had already been built and only needed the wallboard put up! By the time both of us made the decision to go over the list line for line, there was a discrepancy of nearly $25,000. The insurance corporation thanked us for calling and the general business could no longer labor for the insurance business. The kicker was when the insurance corporation told the general business she had to paint the condo again and make sure it was a professional job, and it didn’t look prefer a child had done it.

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