Both Cats are Going Under the Knife Pretty Soon

I’m going to be getting my two cats fixed this coming week as they are both about six months old and going to need this done or I will end up living with 12 cats soon.

I’m okay with two cats, no problem, but if they had a litter of kittens I would be over my head. My cats are pretty low maintenance for the most part, eating and sleeping most of the day. But now I have to bring them to a nearby town to get fixed and I need to get a cat carrier cage. The local business sells them but if one of my friends has a carrier I could borrow that would be even better. The guy at the heating and cooling business near me has a few cats so maybe I could ask him if he has one I could use for a day or two. I will take them to my friend’s house in that other city the night before the surgery and she will take them to the vet the next morning very early to get it done. I have to work at the HVAC business each morning doing space heater and heat pump sales in the office so I need to take the cats over at night when I am off work. It’s so nice that my friend is helping me with the surgery trip because then I don’t have to miss work for the local contractor here in town. I’ve been working extra hours to try and save money for this plane ticket home soon.

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