Searching for a good family dentist for our kids

My sweet husband and I looked at all of the local dentists when the two of us moved to the area, both of us have more than three children that are all losing teeth right now and they all have to go to the dentist at least once every 6 months at least; when our sweet husband and I moved, the two of us never thought about the fact that the two of us would have to change the kids’ dentists and dentists, and thankfully our work provides great insurance, so the two of us can go to any dentist or dentist that the two of us prefers.

Both of us looked for a family dentist office that had great reviews online.

Both of us found a family dentist office near me with appointments 7 mornings each week and a staff that caters towards children. The family dentist office accepted our insurance and they were taking modern patients too. The family dentistry practice also takes all of our kids at the same time when they have an appointment! I really love that a lot, because it means I can get all of the kids’ dental needs taken care of on the same morning. They can easily leave school early on the morning of the appointment and then I do not have to concern myself about running back to the school to pick someone up. The kids do not have to wait in the waiting room either. They all go back to see the dentist at the same time and they all get their own seat and chair. The family dentistry office has more than seven board certified dentists! Six of the dentists are female and many of them are men. They are all certified in child dentistry.


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