There are a lot of family dentists in our area

My wife and I looked at all of the local nurses when the people I was with and I moved to the area; however, the two of us have several children that are all losing teeth right now and they all have to go to the nurse at least once every 6 weeks… Then when our wife and I moved, the people I was with and I never thought about the fact that the people I was with and I would have to swap out the teenagers’ dentists and nurses.

Thankfully our job provides wonderful insurance, so the people I was with and I can go to any dentist or nurse that the people I was with and I prefer.

The two of us looked for a family nurse office that had wonderful reviews online. The two of us found a family nurse office near myself and others with appointments 7 afternoons each week and a staff that caters towards children. The family nurse office accepted our insurance and they were agreeing to modern patients too. The family nursery practice takes all of our teenagers at the same time when they have an appointment, but I really prefer that a lot, because it means I can get all of the teenagers’ dental needs taken care of on the same day. They can leave school early on the day of the appointment and after that I do not have to worry about running back to the school to pick someone up. The teenagers do not have to wait in the waiting room either. They all go back to see the nurse at the same time and they all get their own personal seat and chair. The family nursery office has numerous board certified nurses, however six of the nurses are female and two of them are men. They are all certified in pediatric nurseries.



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