Using the oven as a gas heating option

This winter, it’s been pretty freezing outside, however because of the outside control unit, I am living my life slightly differently than I normally do.

Because I live in the south, I entirely don’t have to have a lot of Wintertide clothing, then and I don’t, however this year, though, I have found myself going to the discount stores & buying quite a few sweaters; I have numerous sweaters now that I did not have before Thanksgiving.

Another thing I am doing is using the gas furnace much more than I usually do. I have turned my central heating & cooling switch from cooling to heating. I confess that I am quite spoiled & that being able to use the center is entirely quite easy & convenient. I know that other people in the world do not have access to such convenient Heating, & I do not take it for granted. Another thing I am doing is utilizing my radiant floors & my fireplace. The heated flooring that I had installed numerous years back has never entirely been used all that much, but this year I am using it all the time. I think it helps my central heating plan have to work less, therefore costing myself and others less money, however my fireplace is being used as a source of heating as well, normally I only use it because I think it looks pretty, but this year I am trying to sit close to it much more often. My dog likes to join myself and others over there & curl up in front of that gorgeous fireplace! Another thing that I am doing is using the oven as a heater! Of course I do not request that you just turn on the oven & open the door. Of course not! However, I did cook a turkey the day before Christmas Eve, & when that turkey was done cooking, I left the oven door open. It served as a sort of temporary gas furnace in my family room, & I loved it. Once the heating stops coming out of it, I simply shut the door.

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