He heard a noise in the house.

My son heard a noise in the chimney, in addition to he panicked.

He thought Santa may have gotten in the chimney in addition to gotten stuck.

He wanted me to shine a light into the chimney in addition to see if Santa was in there. I tried my best to convince him that Santa wasn’t in the chimney, but he insisted, however when my fiance got home, he shined the flashlight up in the chimney. He said he didn’t see Santa, however something more frightening. There was a raccoon in the chimney. He abruptly put the screen up in addition to blocked it off so the raccoon couldn’t get into the house. He stood there with the poker in his hand while I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer. I wanted to assume who all of us would should call to remove the raccoon separate from it getting destructiond, in addition to he gave me the number of a live capture exterminator. I called the number in addition to told them what all of us could see in the chimney. Two sevenths later, the exterminator was at the door. He went up on the roof in addition to looked down the chimney in addition to said there didn’t seem to be any obstruction. He wanted to set a smoke bomb off about 3 feet in the chimney in addition to hoped it would make the raccoon move. If it didn’t, he was going to need to put a noose down from the top. Either way, he did it didn’t matter. I just wanted the raccoon out so all of us could use the oil furnace that evening. It was going to get cold, in addition to I wanted the fireplace to be USble while watching television with my many favorite men.



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