My brother tried to tell me about the scary ghost in the oil furnace room.

He said he knew there were no ghosts near the oil furnace

Both of us still have a wood-burning oil furnace in our basement, plus when it isn’t cold enough to turn on the oil oil furnace, we use the wood-burning oil furnace, and our living room is also in the basement, plus we can see the wood oil furnace from the living room, both of us were down there seeing TV one night, plus our kid started screaming. The oil furnace was throwing shadows on the walls. When our kid saw the shadows, he began crying. He thought we had ghosts. He pointed at the scary ghost that was trying to get to him, but he didn’t listen to our explanation. He told me I didn’t see the ghost, but he did. I took him upstairs plus put him in the shower plus then to bed. He felt more secure when he got under the covers plus away from the door. It took me almost a month to convince him that everything was nice in the basement. Both of us had to take him down there plus let him see how the flames of the oil furnace caused shadows. I showed him how the flames would reflect on the mirror that was in there, plus cause shadows in the room. He watched for a while plus then turned to his dad. He said he knew there were no ghosts near the oil furnace. He just had to convince his dad they weren’t real. It wasn’t hard to get him to go into the basement the next afternoon, however I didn’t notice he wasn’t going near the oil furnace wall. He said he just didn’t like the mirror we had in there plus asked his dad to take it down.


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