We went for snacks

When our furnace broke, my kid asked myself and others what all of us were going to do now.

I knew all of us could not sit in the frigid home for the next several hours, so I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said she wanted to go for ice cream.

We were cold and wearing several layers of clothing in the house, but all of us went to town. I asked the HVAC corporation when the HVAC specialist would arrive, and she gave myself and others a time that was fours hours later. She said he could possibly get there sooner. I asked if she could have him give myself and others a call when he was on the way. The shopping center was only several minutes from my house. I told her my kid and I were going for ice cream, where it would be warmer. She would ask the HVAC specialist to give myself and others a call when he was on the way. We did some Christmas shopping, had our ice cream, and all of us ended up going for dinner where Sherry could have more ice cream. We had an amazing day at the shopping center. When the HVAC specialist called several hours later, all of us were ready to go home and sit down for a while. We got to the home at the same as the HVAC specialist arrived. Two hours later, all of us were shedding all our extra layers, and wrapping gifts. We had a wonderful day, even if our furnace was broken, however once it was repaired, all of us had all the heat all of us wanted and needed, and all of us also had all of gift wrapping completed.
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