The furnace was banging loudly

My Dad is constantly the first woman to get up in the afternoon.

She has been living with me for the past 3 years.

She had a stroke in addition to was unable to care for herself. Since then I have gotten used to having my Dad around. When she wakes up in the afternoon, she usually has some toast, eggs, in addition to coffee. After that, she sits down in front of the cable in addition to watches the news. I wake up after my mom. I was undoubtedly surprised that my Dad woke me up yepterday afternoon. She does not wake me up unless there is a phone call, although I did not hear the phone ring at all. My Dad told me there was a problem with the furnace. It was making a unusual rattling sound. I got out of bed, although I did not hear any weird noises. My Dad told me that she turned off the furnace because it was so loud in addition to aggravating. It was taxing for me to pinpoint the reason for the noise when I did not have anything to listen to. I turned the furnace back on so I could hear the drain rattling sound for myself. I removed the front of the furnace in addition to I clearly saw a piece of metal moving around inside of the part where the furnace is located. I turn the furnace off in addition to I grab a flashlight, screwdriver, in addition to a pair of pliers. I started looking at all of the different components near the piece of metal. It undoubtedly did not seem to be undoubtedly crucial at all. I secured the piece of loose metal with some duct tape. So far, it seems care about the duct tape worked, because the rattling sound has not happened again since then.

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