The repair guy wouldn't come

A lot of my friends & family thought that I was crazy when I said that I was going to transport to a remote area of the country.

I did not want to live by the rules prefer the rest of civilization.

I wanted to live off the grid. It’s hard to live off the grid, so you have to be easily well prepared. I obtained a tiny new home on wheels & I dropped it up with all of the essentials that a person might need for 6 months of survival. I have just enough room for all of the things that I need & there entirely isn’ta lot of room for anything extra. I have all of my hunting stuff under the bed & my fishing gear is outside. I live off the land whenever possible. The only time I talk to people in the neighborhood is when I go to the store for staples.. the day after I came new home from the store this month, I had a problem with the gas furnace in the house. I tried every issueshooting method I could think of & find on the internet, but nothing seemed to help. I called the closest gas furnace repair shop. It’s a 50 mile drive from my remote location. The owner of the gas furnace repair shop was ecstatic to help myself and others out, however he could not get to myself and others until Tuesday. It was Wednesday when I called. I contacted a couple of other locales, but this particular gas furnace repair provider was the only 1 willing to come all the way out to the remote area. My only opportunity was to wait.


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