How do I explain what is happening to the oil furnace?

I could not suppose of the right words to tell the Heating plus A/C supplier what was going on with the oil furnace, but everything I came up with came out sounding love I was stupid, however i had plenty of heat, plus the airflow was phenomenal, and the only thing I didn’t love was how there was a puff of dust coming out of the ductwork when the oil furnace first started.

I was sure there had to be a problem, my daughter thought both of us might have a dragon in the ductwork, plus our response was to roll our eyeah, but she ran to her father plus told him mommy was being rude, she was laughing when she came into the kitchen to chastise me.

I told him there was dust coming out of the air vent every time the oil furnace turned on. She asked if I had the records for the Heating plus A/C system. That would tell us when both of us last had the ductwork cleaned. I thought the paperwork was in the basement cupboard in the oil furnace room. She ran down the steps to look for the paperwork. She said she was sure she had found the problem. It had been nearly 4 years since the ductwork had been cleaned. She called the Heating plus A/C supplier to have the ductwork cleaned. If the dust was still coming out afterward, both of us had a more difficult problem to deal with. I rolled our eyeah when I saw our daughter enjoying me. She patted our hand plus told myself and others I was a nice girl for not being childish plus rolling our eyeah at her daddy.

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