What on Earth is going on?

Megan couldn’t figure out how she had gotten herself in this predicament.

She woke up in a shabby hotel next to a man she did not recognize.

He was snoring away, and was definitely not her type! She quickly tried to recollect the events that she could remember from the previous day. Megan woke up early, as usual, to head to her heating and air conditioning company offices. She is one of their top employees. Her first job consisted of going to a nearby school to oversee the installation of a brand new heating and air conditioning system. Shortly before her work was finished there, she got another call from a loyal customer of hers that needed help with installing and understanding how to work a smart thermostat. She was only too happy to assist this customer. Next, she returned to her office, only to receive another call from a friend who needed help figuring out what kind of HVAC system she should choose to purchase. Megan helped her figure out what her needs were and the proper size of the HVAC system that would replace the old one. Later, she got a call from another loyal customer who needed maintenance on his system. Megan was happy to see that even though this system was about 8 years old, it still worked rather well. Finally, she called another HVAC employee with an invoice of supplies that needed to be procured from an HVAC provider. Still, none of this explained why she was in this bed next to this gentleman. He would definitely need to explain himself when he woke up.

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