What you should avoid during HVAC installation

I have a great job.

I am an HVAC professional, so I get to interact with all sorts of people.

Most don’t know about HVAC. Some know a little bit from the internet. Other people just know too much. Generally, our HVAC company sells excellent HVAC equipment from wonderful HVAC brands. Whenever a client needs their heating and air conditioning system installed, we expect them to buy that climate control unit from us. We do not install HVAC units unless a customer buys from us. This may seem like a scheme to increase our profits, but it’s a way of helping the client get the total value for their money. When you buy new HVAC equipment directly from your HVAC provider, you can know that it’s the right size for your home, that it is adequate to meet the needs of your home, and that the warranty is guaranteed. It also gets dicey for an HVAC repairman to do the HVAC maintenance without running into warranty related drama, since, a lot of the time, some brands call it interference, which voids the warranty. Then, the client loses their warranty and blames the HVAC company that was working on their system. In order to avoid such things, my company has implemented this policy of only installing HVAC units that we have provided the customer. If you are looking for a quality HVAC unit that is affordable, it really is best to consult your HVAC provider. If you feel that they don’t have the best service then look for a different HVAC company and buy your HVAC unit from them. It’s that simple.


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