You should buy an HVAC unit from an HVAC service company

I consider my job to be quite exciting.

I am an HVAC professional.

I deal with all sorts of people. Some know nothing about HVAC. Others only know a few things they learned on the internet. Still others tend to know too much for their own good. Anyway, my company has a policy that I’ve come to respect as pretty wise. You see, we only install heating and air conditioning systems that customers bought from us. Yes, it does increase our profits, but contrary to what you might be thinking, that is not the only motivation for us implementing this policy. It really is better for a customer to have an HVAC unit installed that was given to them by an HVAC provider. That’s how they can know that the HVAC system is properly sized for their home and tailored to suit their specific needs. Some may insist that they want to go their own route and choose an HVAC system apart from the HVAC company. That is actually not necessarily a good idea. When you purchase and have an HVAC system installed from an HVAC provider, the warranty is guaranteed. On the other hand, the warranty of some other system that an HVAC company works on may actually end up being voided by that work. All too often our company has seen customers blame us for the voided warranty, and thus we have chosen to avoid this scenario entirely by insisting that customers purchase HVAC units from us if they want one installed. It’s just the smarter thing to do!


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