I thought it was going to be hot this year

Last year, our partner & I celebrated our 25th anniversary.

Every one of us were going to renew our vows, & have the reception both of us didn’t have the possibility to have the first time around. Every one of us planned the celebration for the end of May, thinking it would be warm enough to not worry about heating, yet cool enough that air conditioner would not be a necessity. When the afternoon of the vow renewals arrived, I heard the oil furnace turning on. There was 3 inches of snow on the ground, & it was coming down suddenly, and by noon, when both of us were getting ready to go to the location & decorate, both of us had six inches of snow on the ground. Every one of us got to the location, & checked to make the rooms both of us had for the evening for our guests was available. Every one of us found out they had turned off the heat. I asked if they could have the HVAC plan turned on, so everyone was comfortable. They had the oil furnace turned off in the reception room both of us had rented. I had a dress that was sleeveless & I wasn’t sure if I had anything else that was suitable. I was angry that both of us had snow on this day. The vow renewal & reception was saved, when the manager at the location was able to get the HVAC serviceman there to turn on the oil furnace… Now, the only thing both of us had to worry about was if they were going to turn on the heating in the rooms. That entire wing of the hotel was separate from heat, & it had nothing to do with the HVAC systems. The electricity had turned off in those units, & they needed an electrician instead of an HVAC serviceman.

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