Don’t date an HVAC technician

Don’t ever date an HVAC technician because he might end up becoming your ex later on and that is a bad situation.

  • This happened to me last year when I started dating my HVAC technician.

He had been my HVAC technician for awhile, but we didn’t start dating until well into our professional relationship. He worked for a professional commercial heating and cooling company here in town and so he was always in the restaurant where I managed. One day he came in after hours to work on the thermostat in the back of the kitchen and we got to talking. When he finished fixing the thermostat, I asked him if he wanted to stay for a cup of coffee. One thing led to another, and that’s how I ended up dating my HVAC technician. Everything was fine, up until the time that it wasn’t. We dated for about a year, and then everything went downhill. The worst part about it wasn’t the fact that we broke up and stopped dating after all that. The worst part was that I had lost a perfectly good HVAC technician for the restaurant. I guess he told the commercial HVAC company where he worked that he was not going to take anymore calls for my particular restaurant, and now I get this dumb guy who doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing. It is really annoying because we used to have really great indoor air quality inside of the restaurant. Now, it feels like we don’t even have an HVAC system in there at all half the time.


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