The power went off, and so did the furnace.

I don’t think I had ever given any thought to the furnace and what would happen if we lost power.

The furnace used oil as its fuel, and I didn’t think electricity was used. When a big storm went through our area two days before Christmas, I was left with no power, and no heat. I sat in the house shivering, and wondering what I was going to do. I called the HVAC company, but they said there was nothing they could do to get my heat back on, until the electricity was turned on. I sat in my house, and I was upset, and freezing. I wished I had bought the space heater when I first thought about it. The space heater may not have warmed up my home, but it would keep me comfortable in one room. I looked around the house, and thought it wasn’t too late to purchase a space heater. I headed into town, but the home center was closed because they didn’t have power either. I ended up going to my mom’s home, and staying there until the electricity was restored. I was able to get my furnace running, but it didn’t help to keep my pipes from freezing. I called the plumber to have my pipes repaired, and then I called the homeowners insurance company. I had to have the HVAC get my furnace running again, but that was the least of my problems. I was glad I decided to go to my mom’s but I could have saved the pipes if I had bought that space heater a month ago when I saw them on sale.
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