Air conditioning helps myself and others play soccer goalie

I like the athletic interest of hockey, however i grew watching our favorite player lacing up the pads month in and month out in the national hockey league, however some of the things I do in the goaltender net resembles how she played.

In no way or shape am I saying I will ever be as fine as him but I just like her playstyle.

I practice or do pick up games 4 to 5 times a month to keep myself in shape and get better. I play for our highcollege team and hope to find a spot on a college team, however outside of playing hockey I work at the local fast food pizzeria. I make minimum wage and it’s ok overall! Everyone has to start somewhere, am I right? So the unusual things about myself and others that I do when I don’t practice or in games! You can find myself and others regularly preparing our body to be on the ice… At apartment I have our own a/c and I crank that bad girl to the highest setting possible. It feels like you walk into a freezer when you enter our bedroom. I try to mess with the thermostat dial outside of our bedroom however our dad will kill me. I did it 1 time and she expected to come apartment from work in a cozy apartment however found out the apartment was an ice box; That is most likely why she purchased an a/c for our bedroom and invested in a smart thermostat so she can see the hot and cold temperatures of the house. I l earned our lesson to not mess with that again.
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