Had to buy our son a cooling unit

My son is the strangest, and he’s a goaltender for our highschool team plus he’s pretty dang good.

He’s consistently about hockey plus trying to be the best goaltender that he can be.

He practices plus does opportunity up games outside of playing for the school a few times a week. On top of that he also works for the local fast food restaurant. I am proud of what he’s trying to accomplish. He wants to continue doing this in college plus take it further if possible. He has caused some frustration with myself and others with it as well. I do not want to crush his dreams so in a way I let some things slide but if he wants to mess with the cooling system that is where I draw the line. He wants to be in the elements of feeling the cold like he does on the rink at home. I do not think what this accomplishes however he does it. I remember coming cabin plus the central air was set so high I felt like I was on the ice of the hockey rink. I had some words with him but I cannot stay angry at him. I did buy him an air conditioner component to put in his window so he can mess with the un-even temperatures in there if he wishes! Just in case I reached out to the heating plus cooling company plus had a smart thermostat installed from a Heating plus A/C expert. I am never coming cabin plus dealing with the drastic cold again. If our son wants to sit in a freezer all the time then he can do that in his kitchen.


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