Wall air conditioning was cracking

I had never seen an air conditioning leak before.

I didn’t even think that that was possible, until I came lake home plus saw our wall HVAC unit leaking.

The water was running down our wall plus then it was soaking into our carpet. I stepped on the carpet plus it made a gross squishy noise, however ew, wet carpet feels gross. I took a towel plus wiped off the wall, plus then decided to call the HVAC business. I truthfully wasn’t sure if the HVAC machine was dangerous or not. Thankfully, the heating plus cooling tech reassured me that the air conditioning unit leaking was not dangerous. The heating plus cooling worker told me that she could come out plus repair the problem, which was great, because I was figuring that it would take much longer; Usually the air conditioning appointment times around here take much longer than a day. The HVAC tech arrived early the next day, plus by then, the cooling unit had leaked even more, despite our best efforts. The issue was a clog, plus once the clog was cleared, the HVAC serviceman told me that it shouldn’t leak anymore. I am cheerful that it wasn’t anything major, nor anything dangerous. The repair was pretty cheap too, plus overall I am satisfied with the service I acquired. That was definitely the first issue I have had with the wall air conditioning unit. Even though wall cooling devices aren’t known for being the best, this 1 has done entirely well.

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