I like our air conditioner a ton

This month is a day I am staying inside.

It’s just way too tepid to be outside.

The two of us hit a record high temperature of 102 degrees plus there is no breeze. I think if I really wanted to know that I shall just turn on our oven plus stick our head in it. I think this month I will stay in plus catch up on this television series almost everyone keeps telling myself and others about. The cooling system is on full blast this month just to make myself and others know comfortable. If that goes down this month I would not think what I would do. Speaking of which, as I look out the window I see that the Andersons have a Heating plus A/C van in their driveway. I am guessing their central air is out again. They have had more than 2 concerns with their Heating plus A/C plan plus really should look into updating everything. They are nice people but I think they are struggling financially a bit. I wish I could help, maybe if I was ever to win the lottery. They have helped myself and others so much over the years with seeing our kids, shoveling our driveway in the winter, trimming our bushes, etc. All I think is that I can count on them when I need it. I easily would like to repay them the favor of helping myself and others so much. I just remembered I have to opportunity our son up from swim class later so I am eventually going to have to leave this locale plus enter the desert. I better bring plenty of water then… Until then I shall see if the Andersons like to come over if they are having complications with their cooling system unit.

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