Always heed the advice of an HVAC professional

I admit that my uncle and I are close. He raised me as a single parent when my mom passed away after a nasty car accident. My uncle didn’t hesitate to change his whole life to take in and raise a scared 5 year old girl. I do know that he is my uncle, but for years I’ve called him dad because he is my father in many ways. Even as an adult, he is always there for me offering assistance where he can. When I went to college, he was there to make sure I moved into my dorm safely and called every day to check on me. Now that I’ve moved into my first home, he was on the first flight out on moving day to help me. My uncle came with his girlfriend who I adore to help me move into the house I’d just bought. When we were getting settled, I had an HVAC professional come by the house for an inspection. I wanted to find out the state of the HVAC system before the summer. In the area it gets so hot, especially during June and July, so we need to have the AC up and running by that time. When the HVAC professional came by, my uncle was there to make sure I asked the right question about the HVAC system. He asked about the age, the air filter, and the state of the unit. The HVAC professional said the unit wasn’t in bad shape and could serve me for another 6 years. But, I had to make sure to have HVAC maintenance 2 or 3 times a year.


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