My brother wanted me to see the modern heat pump

There’s something about siblings that can drive you absolutely mad.

  • My brother and I love each other to death.

But we also fight so much. Poor mom always has to intervene to get us back in speaking terms. We’ve always fought since we are only a year apart, but we also protect each other fiercely when someone tries to bully us. This is how we protected one another from bullies back in middle school and high school. People actually used to call us the dynamic duo! Anyway, last week I was mad at my brother and wasn’t speaking to him. So, he had mom call me with some news. My brother had purchased and installed a modern heat pump in his house, and he wanted me to go and see it. But, because he knew I wouldn’t respond to his texts, he chose to ask mom to intervene. I told mom I wasn’t going to see the new heat pump since I was mad at my brother. Mom is used to the two of us and said it wasn’t a request. We would be meeting at my brother’s house that Sunday for dinner, and seeing the heat pump. I almost laughed when mom caught herself before swearing when she mentioned the heat pump. Only my brother and I would want to let each other know about installing a heat pump in the house. I had called him a while back when I had a whole home air purification system set up in my home. We were on good terms so he came by that evening and we had a wonderful time. Perhaps I’d been mad long enough and it was time to bury the hatchet.

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