Stuck in the store with HVAC technician

Snow blasted the east coast this past weekend.

There were driving bans and I’m the fool that got stuck in a store 10 miles from home. I should’ve called off that day but the visibility was just awful outside. There were a few customers stuck in the store with me as well and they were thinking about risking going home. I was able to convince them to stay indoors as I didn’t want anything bad to happen to them and didn’t want that on my conscious. The good thing about us staying in the store is that we had central heating so we will continue to be warm. Other than that one of the customers works for the HVAC business so he was a heating expert. I’m glad he was stuck with us although I could tell on his face he would rather be home with his family. He was on the phone a lot but ensured us that he is here to help if needed. We had plenty of food and blow-up mattresses in boxes if I had to pull them out. The customers were extremely nice and just wanted us to turn on one of the TVs to watch the weather so they could stay up to date on what is going on. That weekend was just crazy and we all spent three days in there. The electricity flickered on and off at one point but I wasn’t worried as we did have a generator that would kick on. Thankfully by the end of day three we heard a plow move the snow and we all stepped outside. You can see tons of snow and shoveling out my car that day was awful.



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