There was no way I was staying there without the furnace

I prefer my hubby a lot plus I do my best to put up with his family, but his sister drives me ridiculous plus I don’t love to spend any time with her; She always complains about everything plus she is a total downer.

There is no having fun with her even with all of the alcohol in the world.

The two of us went to visit my hubby’s sister last weekend plus every one of us stayed a lot later than I wanted. I was hoping that every one of us would get out of there by 7:00 so every one of us could be house by 9:00 or 10:00, but unblessedly, every one of us did not leave until 9:00 or 10:00 plus after that I got stuck in the snow. The two of us had to stay at a hotel. The two of us were in the middle of the locale on the interstate where there easily aren’t a lot of hotels plus motels. The two of us found a locale that was called The Rose inn. There were rooms left, but the guy in the front of the office said that there was no heat. The heating system had broken down in the storm plus none of the rooms had any heat. There was no way I was staying in that hotel without any heat, so I told my hubby that every one of us were going to try to make it home. I would have rather got stuck on the side of the road in the car. At least every one of us would have had heat. Thankfully, every one of us made it house but it did take an extra 2 hours because of the ice plus the freezing rain.