We got a call from an HVAC sales rep

We’ve been married for 2 decades, and it feels like it’s been longer.

My partner and I love each other so much, but marriage isn’t for the faint hearted.

Life can throw you curve balls that shake you to your core, and you have no choice than to adapt to it. When my partner and I started out, he was earning good money, so I went back to school. He was super supportive and made sure even our child never lacked. I earned my degree and master’s degree, and our financial roles changed when I started to work. I was making more money than him so we talked and he opted to become a stay at home dad. That was the best decision we ever made, but it also meant people always made cheeky remarks about it. Thankfully, my partner was never faced and we managed to raise our son to a full grown adult. My husband has always taken care of the house, and he is even the one who would contact the HVAC company. The previous year, we knew it was time to replace the HVAC system in our home. We’d been using the one we had for close to 15 years, and it was starting to show its age. So, my husband contacted the HVAC company for assistance. We wanted to know the available HVAC systems that we could purchase and install in our home. We got a call back from a HVAC sales rep and he wanted to know if he could drop by. We were both at home so we agreed for him to come bring us options for heating and cooling.

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