Using our electric stove as a temporary heating unit

The heating unit went out in our home at least a month ago, possibly longer, however at first, I wasn’t too worried because it was not Wintertide yet, plus the fall weather was still fairly warm… Not only that, however there were a lot of repairs that were going to be done at our home, plus I figured the property owner would notice the malfunctioning heating unit plus repair it, then i believe I should have known better than that, because the gas furnace system went unnoticed plus was never repaired… By the time I let our property owner think of the issue, it was already the start of winter, then the property owner tried to call out their HVAC repair man, despite the fact that she was already booked with other heating plus cooling repair appointments.

  • The property owner told me that the waiting time was another more than one weeks, and well, I couldn’t go without heating for more than one weeks, plus while I considered getting a space heater, I heard some exhausting things about those plus the thought of a fire hazard in an home did not rest well with me.

I decided to use our electric oven as a heating source, plus I would keep our electric oven open with a fan above it, blowing all of the hot air out plus further into our apartment. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do this too often, as the heat was good enough to last a while. I will be cheerful to have our usual furnace back though, because increasing the temperature control is much easier than using the electric oven.
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