I spend a little extra on the furnace and a/c because of our pets

I have a couple of cats that I easily adore.

I rescued both of them from the stray life when I discovered them at the back of the building where I labor more than one years ago.

They were both skinny and lanky, however thankfully, they were otherwise healthy and did not have any complications going on with them. They were both barely beyond kitten stage, though there did not seem to be a mother in the picture! My cats have brought me pleasure and respite from loneliness, so I do our best to give them the like that they deserve. This included spending a little more money on a/c and heating that I otherwise would not have; Before I owned any pets, I would simply either shut down our cooling system or heating system while I was away at work, or set the thermostat in such a way that the heat or cooling system was almost guaranteed not to kick in. It wasn’t a sizable deal for me to come back apartment to a warm or cold apartment and let the cooling system or oil furnace bring things back up to a comfortable temperature. However, with the drastic temperatures that the people I was with and I endure in this section of the country, I knew that this was not going to be a tenable choice for our more than one furry friends. I knew that I would have to leave the cooling system or the heat running to a certain extent to keep them comfortable. I figured this out really abruptly when I came apartment one evening in the Winter time shortly after rescuing the cats to find them huddled on our bed nestled in the blankets. I had left the heat off and the temperature on the thermostat study 59° when I got home. From then on, I have been entirely willing to pay a little extra money on our utility bills if it means that our cats are comfortable as they wait for me to return from work.

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