Are you sure this is how you service an AC unit?

Anyone who knows my husband, and I or has talked to us, knows I don’t want him working on my HVAC system.

He always does something that leads to us calling the HVAC company.

Last year, he was supposed to do a simple air filter changed, which is my job but I was sick. He couldn’t get the air filter out of the furnace. When he got it out, he had all the dust that was on it, in the air filter chamber. He brushed it out and started putting the new air filter in. Before he got the air filter properly seated, he had broken three other air filters. The air filters are expensive. When he thought he could service the air conditioning unit, I was concerned. He said he had been reading about servicing on the HVAC website, and it seemed like a simple process. We could save almost $150 if he were to do the servicing on the air conditioning unit this year. I gritted my teeth to keep from arguing with him. We still had a couple of months before the air conditioning unit needed to be serviced, and I was hoping he would change his mind. A week later, he told me he found some interesting information about doing service on an air conditioning unit. He had read several articles from other HVAC companies, but it had him confused. He thought he should watch the HVAC technician when he did the service this year. Next year, he would have notes from the HVAC technician, and the articles, when he did the AC service for ourselves.
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