Father always knows best for HVAC.

My father always knows best for HVAC. When I bought my house, I didn’t go to the local HVAC company to have the HVAC system inspected. I went to my father. Even though my father is no longer a certain HVAC technician, he is still an HVAC technician. He retired about three years and my brother is now running the HVAC company. My father will do all my HVAC work for free, but my brother charges me full price. He tells me I am a customer of the HVAC company. I’m not his sister when I need service, but the owner of an HVAC company. I think he is rude, because I’m sure he gives his fiance reduced prices when he works on their HVAC system. He probably doesn’t charge any money for his services. Dad laughed when I got so angry at him. He said he had the right to charge me. I was his customer when I called for service. The people there didn’t know me, and they wanted to get paid. If it was another HVAC technician, other than himself and my brother, they expected to get the full payment, so they have a check. This made perfect sense, but it didn’t keep me from getting angry with my brother. Even when I asked him if he would help my husband put our television set on the wall, he asked how much the job paid. I thought he was kidding,and told him I would make lunch. He said if I was that cheap, I could call someone else. He refused to help with the television set.



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