I didn't have to pay a deposit or a fee

They didn’t charge me any deposit or a fee.

My wife and I found out that we needed to update our heat pump and AC unit. Unfortunately, the equipment had to be ordered and it was a Friday afternoon. There was absolutely no way that the equipment could be ordered and delivered until monday. I didn’t want to spend the entire weekend without any AC in the house, but it looked like that was going to be the case. At the end of the appointment, the AC repair technician asked me if I wanted a couple of window units installed for the weekend to help keep the house cool. I said yes before I even asked how much it was going to cost. The AC repair technician put a window AC unit in the living room for me and another one in the kitchen. The AC units were massive in size. They look like industrial AC units. When the guys came back on Monday morning to install the machine, the first thing that they did was pick up the window AC units that I had for the weekend. They didn’t charge me any deposit or a fee. They didn’t charge anything for the pickup or the delivery. They gave me the AC units because they could not get the equipment on time and that was not due to anything that was my fault. I don’t know how much it normally costs to rent an AC unit for 3 days, but I had to. Certainly it must be $100 or more and I was happy not to have to pay those fees.

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