My space heater was working overtime.

We use the backroom as a spare bedroom and my office.

There is very little heat that gets to that part of the house, so we use a space heater during the winter.

We had an oil filled space heater with a full thermostat, and safety features, but after five years, its memory settings were no longer working. I would turn the space heater off and the temperature would revert to factory settings. Those factory settings had the thermostat set at ninety-five degrees. I turned the space heater off after working, and the next day I had to reset the thermostat. My husband told me I had to check the thermostat before leaving the space heater on when I left the room. It was zero the other day, and I thought the space heater was working overtime. I knew it would be difficult for it to keep it warm that day, but it was hot. I opened the door to go to the bathroom, and I almost dropped when I came back into the room. It was so hot that I couldn’t breathe. The space heater had reset and within twenty minutes I was out of the room, it had reached ninety degrees in the room. I turned the space heater off, but it was still running. I had to unplug the space heater to stop it from running. When I plugged it back in, it went right back to ninety-five on the thermostat. I was tired of playing with it and told my husband I wanted to go into town and purchase a new space heater. This one was going to roast me out of the room.