The technician suggested cleaning and sanitizing the ductwork

I’ve noticed a lot of dust on all of the surfaces inside of my home.

I thought it was just me being a bad housekeeper.

I bought some dusting spray and a couple of rags and I spent several hours cleaning all of the dust off every surface. I cleaned the electronics, furniture, and all of the picture frames on the wall. A couple of days later, there was dust on all of the surfaces again. I was killing myself trying to clean every other day and the dust was still appearing as if I had done no work at all. I finally gave up and called a clean air specialist. An air cleaner specialist is a person that works for an HVAC business but they are strictly specialists in clean air solutions such as ductwork replacement and cleaning, air purifiers, and air filtration systems. The technician came over to my home to give me a free analysis and estimate. The HVAC technician suggested cleaning and sanitizing the ductwork in my home. After using a tiny camera to look inside of the ductwork, the technician told me that there were several holes that were letting air in from the outdoor areas. Cleaning and sanitizing the ductwork would help and so would using a spray to seal up all of the holes. The cost to have all of the work done was more money than I was hoping to spend, but I thought it was the only way to help the indoor air problems. I had the ductwork sealed and cleaned a few days later and so far the dust bunnies are staying away.