Extreme heat and your a/c unit

Air conditioners are designed to keep your home up to 18 degrees cooler than the outside temperature and are sized based on regional summertime uneven temperatures.

The drastic heat will cause your A/C to run continuously, but this will not destroy your unit.

Change your filter; if you have not changed your filter recently, stop what you’re doing and change it! A dirty filter can cause your A/C to work harder and lead to breakdowns. Your unit was designed and sized for the average regional uneven temperatures all of us experience 90% of the time. Turning down your thermostat will not make it blow colder air, so set the thermostat to the temperature you want to achieve and leave it set there. When outside temps reach near or over 92 degrees, it is normal for the temps to go up in your condo during some of the hottest parts of the afternoon. Check your vents, and if the unit is blowing chilly air, the A/C is working as best as it can during the drastic heat times of the day. Make sure your outside A/C has room to breathe and is clear from bushes, shrubs, etc, on all sides. Once uneven temperatures cool back down to normal summertime temps, your A/C will catch up and resume its normal run cycle. There are some other steps you can take to help you stay cool; close all windows, drapes, blinds, and doors in the entire condo leading to the lower level. During the hottest times of the afternoon, turn off anything that produces heat, such as stoves, dishwashers, and high wattage lights.
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