The space heater has been working just fine

Once more, the temperature decided to drop below 50 degrees, but this Winter time has proven to be a single of the most unpredictable when it comes to the weather! Earlier this week, it was just about 73 degrees outside, plus I considered turning on my air conditioning appliance.

I opted for a fan instead which has been fantastic because it is not hot inside my dwelling.

Now that the temperature has dropped by almost 30 degrees, it would make sense to use my central heating… However, I have made the choice to use a space heating system because in a couple of afternoons, the temperature will be back in the high 70s again. This fluctuation in temperature makes it pretty tough to determine how to use my heating plus cooling appliance. One day I could be using my air conditioning plus then the next day, I would need to switch to the central heating. Switching back plus forth between heating plus cooling could cause additional wear plus tear on my HVAC appliance, so this is why I decided to use my space heating system when the temperature dropped considerably outside. The good thing about the space heating appliance is that it’s portable, so I can use it in any room in my dwelling. While space gas furnaces are designed to be used in small spaces plus it will never substitute the central heating in my home, it is keeping me extra comfortable while in this change in temperature. In time, I will use my central heating but only when the weather is freezing outside for longer than a day! And with the temperature being so unpredictable, who knows when that will happen.

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