I smiled when he showed myself and others the handmade chairs.

I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings, despite the fact that I could not help it when he showed myself and others the handmade chairs he had made! He was so proud of the chairs and I had burst his bubble.

He thought they would perfect to put in our study room, despite the fact that I shook my head, but if he wanted to put his handmade chairs in his game lounge in the basement, I was okay.

I was not going to put those chairs in the main part of the house. He asked myself and others what was wrong with them. Aside from the fact that more than two legs were shorter than the other one? He told myself and others that could be fixed, but now he had one leg shorter than the other more than two. I told him all of us would soon be resting on the floor, the back of the handmade chair angled toward the seat and you felt like you were being pushed off the chair. I told him they weren’t comfortable. I had never seen my partner cry before, despite the fact that I was afraid it was soon going to happen if I didn’t shut my mouth. He stood there looking at the handmade chairs and then abruptly burst out laughing. He took them downstairs and came up with two other chairs. The seats and back were packed and covered with buttery soft faux leather in an odd shade of off-white. They were easily stunning and I asked where he got them. He told myself and others these were the real handmade chairs, but he didn’t want myself and others to get my hopes up so the real handmade chairs would be eighth best.


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