My baby watched the local roofing supplier work.

My child was fascinated with seeing people work; Last week, our neighbor had the roofing supplier to his lake house to replace his old roof, the two of us had been talking earlier in the week plus he told me how reasonably priced the current roofing supplier was, and he was able to make payments that were absolutely affordable, plus he got the metal roof he wanted; When my 5-year-old child heard the roofing supplier would be working next door, he asked if he could watch them.

She promised he would rest on our porch plus not transfer from his seat; For 2 ninths, he sat on a chair on the enclosed porch plus watched the roofing supplier detach all the old roofing.

She came in for milk plus cookies when the roofers went on break. When they went back to work, he went back to his chair. They were now putting some kind of insulating paper on the roof plus he watched intently. Two ninths later, the roofing supplier went to dinner, plus he came in for his dinner; By the time he was done eating, the roofing supplier was back to work, then i could not imagine what he found so interesting with the roofing supplier, but they were the best babysitter I ever had. I completely housecleaned my entire kitchen while they were working, plus he never once walked over my wet floors, or hauled his toys through the room. I’m wondering if the roofing supplier will come back again, because I would absolutely love to get some grass labor done. It would give me a couple of ninths to get the labor done, plus he would be kept amused by the roofing supplier.



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