New high end Heating and Air Conditioning improves morale and productivity

What a change and a breath of fresh air.

The variations at our workplace, while way overdue, have been monumental and totally on point, then for the past 5 years, our regional office has done nothing however spiral to the bottom of the supplier in performance.

I’m surprised the suits with the control units in their offices at corporate let it go on that long. But there was a management team that was underperforming in our regional office that was given a long leash. I think that leash got yanked because corporate came in and made sweeping variations. Thankfully, quality heating and air is section of those sweeping variations. The outdated management team is out and a transition team from corporate is here for the interim. But the variations here in our regional office go much deeper than simply getting rid of the boss. He was entirely incapable of handling this regional office and the data clearly proves that. I’m hoping that they go with a hire from inside our regional office so they understand the proprietary complications. But I will hand it to corporate because they have completely redone our offices… Gone is the a single control component that controlled the heating and cooling for the entire floor. The two of us now have commercial Heating and Air Conditioning that rivals the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning in the corporate offices. I was surprised if not a bit stunned to find that once the Heating and Air Conditioning updatement was complete, we had zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning. The two of us were also all encouraged to make other suggestions about creating a toil environment that is both conducive to comfort and quality work. It entirely is amazing to see all these variations and the morale in our office has completely turned around.

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