They could not get an igniter for their oil plan.

My child told her to use her brain and pointed to the thermostat.

I was invited to our daughter’s for dinner last week, however i dressed in warmer clothing because she kept her condo on the cool side to save on fuel costs for the oil furnace, and when I walked in, I thought I was going to suffocate. It was nearly eighty in the main house, and I was worried how warm it was going to be in the study room. She told her dad and I that the igniter switch was broken again. If they turned it off, it owuldn’t turn back on without the help of an Heating and A/C corporation, and she was broke, and they left the igniter turned on, and suffered with the heat until the Heating and A/C corporation could get her another igniter switch, and my granddaughter got home from work, and the first thing she did was open windows. The windows she opened were right by the thermostat, and now the oil furnace was trying to make more heat. My child told her to use her brain and pointed to the thermostat. In the meantime, her hubby was putting the window air conditioner unit in the study room, but he said he could not handle all the heat, and he needed cool air or he was going to throw up, then after numerous apologies, she told our hubby and I that she would understand if both of us left. I told her I liked the plan of not needing to cook, and our hubby had just opened a beer. My hubby wanted to work on the oil furnace, even though she told him she was okay waiting for the current igniter switch. Hot or not, both of us still had a superb time.
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