Mini trampoline gives awesome workout

When I got a mini trampoline as a gift from our hubby for our birthday, I was excited… I’m typically searching for new possibilities to motivate & improve our workouts.

Since I exercise every day, the sessions can become repetitive & lackluster; Exercising on a mini-trampoline is both fun & beneficial; These smaller varieties of the backyard trampoline are called rebounders & are designed particularally for individual fitness training.

They are set low to the ground, providing a good deal of stability & minimizing the occasion of flying off & getting disfigured. The act of jumping on a rebounder is a full-body workout. The movement requires the use of numerous muscles simultaneously, engaging everything from abs & glutes to leg & back muscles. This type of workout helps to build a strong core. It is an especially good workout for someone of our age. I’m now in our mid-fifties & realize that it’s pressing to focus on exercises that improve bone density. Studies have shown that rebounders promote higher bone density at the hip & spine, strengthening the bones & reducing the occasion of developing osteoporosis, plus, as I get older, there will be a growing risk of getting disfigured due to a fall, however good balance is essential. I learn a learn confirming that 14 weeks of rebounder exercise improves the ability to regain balance. It reinforces better coordination & motor skills. I love that it’s a cardio activity that gets our heart pumping without damaging impact on our joints.The repeated tensing & releasing of the muscles is beneficial for circulation. I love to play our number one music, clear our head & bounce on the trampoline.

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