The big changes to our system

I read the most sad story in the newspaper the other day.

This local heating and air conditioning company that has been servicing our area had a major fire that burned down the entire building! Thankfully no one was killed and no one was even hurt as it happened after hours when no one was there.

Somehow there was an electrical spark on one of the brand new central heating and air conditioning systems they had in their storage room and that spark reflected off of the heat and a/c unit then eventually caught fire to the building. The heating and air conditioning company has insurance to cover everything. However, they will not be opened for heat and a/c business until they can find a new building to operate out of and replace all the destroyed heating and air conditioning equipment that got damaged in the fire. After all, selling brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning systems was a major part of their business aside from the general HVAC repair and heat as well as a/c installation. I really wish them the best and hope that they can find a new building to operate out of very soon in the near future. So many people relied on this heating and cooling company for all of their heat and a/c home service needs, including me! I hope they have it all sorted out by the time i need my next heating and air conditioning system unit tune up and check up in a few months!

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Working on our HVAC equipment

Inflation is upon us and it affects everything everywhere you go.

It has even made it so my company had to raise its prices.

I am an independent heating and a/c contractor and because of the cost of living and other things going up, our prices needed to go up by 40 percent, this did not make a lot of my customer base very happy and I ended up losing a few! But they will soon see that it will be no different if they call the local heating and a/c company to take care of all of their Heating and A/C home repair needs! Heating and a/c home services are not going to get much cheaper as time goes on. If anything they are going to keep going up more and more if inflation continues to rise. That is just the way of life unfortunately. If there ever comes a time where I can afford to lower my rates back to what they used to be I will. But it can not affect my living. That is the major issue. If I did not have to pay higher living costs I would have left my heating and a/c home repair rates the same. I am sure other independent heating and a/c companies are also facing this issue with being forced to increase their rates. I do not see an even higher increase needed in my heating and a/c home services anytime in the near future which is a good thing I suppose. So we will wait and see.

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Planning our next heating and air conditioning system around the weather

Where I live the summer weather lasts all year around. The other three seasons each get about a month, maybe six weeks, but the remaining months are always damp, humid, and overly warm. I know that up north you guys have actual cold weather to deal with, but the lowest temps of the year down in the deep south can be as tepid as the mid-50s. It is common to spend the Christmas holiday season in flip flops and shorts, because it never gets cold enough for anything else. This does save a lot of expense on heating, but means that we rely on air conditioning for eight or nine months out of every year. When you have to use the AC that much, two things are important to remember – always get the annual HVAC inspection, and spend the extra money for a nice smart thermostat. If your air conditioning is running poorly, then you are paying more money for less cooling. That is money you can’t afford to lose! As for the smart thermostat, it has a great many money-saving applications, but one of the best is that it lets you know when the system isn’t functioning efficiently. It may not be able to diagnose the problem, but it will let you know when it’s time to call for an HVAC tech. Aside from that, the smart thermostat also reminds you when to change your air filters. By regulating your indoor temperatures, a smart thermostat will reduce your monthly energy consumption, and save you a lot of money in the long term. 

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The newest thermostat technology

The power company in my town has a monopoly. There are over one hundred thousand residents, and we all only have one choice when it comes to utilities. I really loathe this, and every single year they raise the rates and no one has any option but to keep paying. I will not say the name of the company, because why give those morons the free press? In any event, I have developed a passion for being efficient when it comes to my power use. The less energy I use, the less I have to pay those jackals, so here are my top energy saving tips. The first thing I did to immediately cut my power bill was to buy a smart thermostat. They say you have to spend money to make money, and in this case the smart thermostat knocked fifty bucks off my power bill the first month. That was before I even knew how to properly program it! The smart thermostat monitors not just the temp and humidity of your home, but the overall air quality.

The smart thermostat learns the patterns of the house, such as when people are at work or school, when the house is empty, and when the sun heats it up the most. Remember when you were a kid and your dad would stand with his hand on the thermostat, adjusting it up and down just a little? A smart thermostat does that job for you, keeps the indoor temps perfect, and you never even have to pay attention to it at all.

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