I always call the HVAC professionals for help

I’m definitely impressed by how some of my friends seem to be able to work on just about anything.

I’m not exactly that sort of guy.

For sure, mechanical abilities have always run in my family. And I was always following along with my dad when he was outside of the central air conditioning working on stuff in the garage. But it wasn’t the cars he was working on as much as it was him fixing household stuff at his workbench. Unfortunately, that gene just didn’t get passed down to me. I’m okay with simple stuff. I change the HVAC air filter regularly and mow my own lawn. But if it requires building something or dealing with electricity, I call the professionals. Whenever it comes to anything that has to do with the heating and cooling comfort inside our home, I call the HVAC professionals. That wasn’t the case for a buddy of mine just a few weeks ago. He came home to a house that was hot and sticky but the HVAC unit was running. He figured that all he needed to do was recharge the refrigerant in order to get the air conditioning back online. He did some online video watching before he headed off to the home improvement store to get the recharge kit. Unfortunately, this was not the problem and it was much simpler than that. So he ended up overfilling the refrigerant which ended up rupturing valuable components inside the HVAC equipment. I guess this is one of those times where it’s really good that I would never even attempt something like an HVAC repair. I always call the HVAC professionals.

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