Leaky shower head

My shower has been quite a nightmare.

I decided that I was going to do a DIY approach and handle the plumbing on my own.

I bought all the necessary parts for the guts of the shower. I bought the valve, head, drain, and tile for the shower. I installed and felt like I did a job well done. A few months later my shower head started leaking. I read it could be valve failure. I had to take out some of my tile to access the valve and fix it. Then a few months after that, the same thing. I did a bunch of googling and thought it would be the same thing. Time to replace the valve again. Instead of spending all that money, time, and retailing, I just called a licensed plumber. I was sick of stressing over something a professional could do. I had a replacement valve at the ready and that wasn’t the issue at all. There was apparently a leak in my wall that was going to cause major damage if left unnoticed. A pipe repair, leak detection, and clean up was all that it took. The plumber was in and out with minimal disruption in my bathroom. I have to say the best part was not worrying about my plumbing at all. I liked just handing over money and not considering a thing. I was able to relax, have a fixed shower, and enjoy the rest of my day. I will alway hire a plumber from now on.


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