Ready for spring with new residential HVAC

I haven’t enjoyed the new heat pump but maybe a small handful of times since it was installed late this fall.

We live in a region where we just don’t need too much heating. And that’s a good thing for sure. But man, I’m itching to see just how good this new residential HVAC is going to be. Last spring, the HVAC technician came out to do the air conditioning tune up just like he does every spring. This time, he left with a bit of a warning to watch the heat pump over the summer. The HVAC professional felt like the heat pump was starting to come to the end of its usefulness. So he made sure I understood what to look for when it came to the warning signs that the heat pump was dying. The biggest one, of course, is skyrocketing utility costs. Since we don’t have much winter, we make up for it with a broiling summer. That means there is a ton of need for air conditioning. The heat pump runs pretty much night and day in order to get the cooling comfort we enjoy in our house. At the same time, we’re always very disciplined when it comes to the thermostat in order to hold down utility costs. When August rolled around last summer, I noticed that the heat pump was running almost all the time. When I got that month’s utility bill, my suspicions were confirmed. Our air conditioning costs jumped more than 50 percent. So my wife and I decided to get ahead of the game and have the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology installed late this past fall. We’re eager to see just how great the air conditioning is going to be with our new heat pump.



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